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Story of a Beginner

So...everyone is migrating here, right?

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What the actual fuck? SERIOUSLY WHAT THE FUCK?


NOTE - I unconnected Booklikes and Goodreads when I found my BL updates were going to GR on different editions of the book. The only book I removed from BL were my 'bba' books because I couldn't have exclusive shelves at the time. My books are still on my GR list.


Archer's note:


Hmmm so the logic of this, to me anyway, reads thusly...


"all of our popular reviewers are going to booklikes because we royally fucked them. I have an idea, lets delete some if their shit and then blame booklikes and maybe they'll forget we are censoring them and they'll come back to us and love us again."


"Fucking brilliant Steve, I fail to see any flaws in that idea whatsoever"


Goodreads need to sort their bullshit one way or another.